Tracking Membership Renewal System Performance

Increasing the number of members renewing is key to growing your membership program.

Where are your renewal efforts most vulnerable? How do you know your membership renewal efforts are optimized? What can be done to find the leaks in the key activity supporting member retention?

Membership recruitment costs a lot more than membership renewal and good marketers work hard to gather data, track results, and show a return on their marketing investment to justify their efforts. It should be the same for membership renewal efforts. Attend this free online Mini-Meminar™ to learn about the components of a membership renewal tracking system critical to optimizing its performance.

The Next Steps, LLC is a CAE Approved Provider. This program may be applied for half (.5) a credit toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

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The Next Steps, LLC
November 19, 2019
12:30pm Eastern Time
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